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The Henry Ford in Dearborn, Michigan, USA is a Museum of American innovation over 250 acres, showcasing 300 years of history with a staggering 26 million artifacts, come explore hands on, discover America through exhibits, culture, people and inventions. Experience first hand the American perseverance from working farms to rides on Model T Fords, the Wright Brothers workshop, Thomas Edison's lightbulb lab and much more, it's all here at the onsite Greenfield Village, even jump on a steam powered locomotive, watch 1867 baseball and enjoy lunch from and 1830's menu, the village has 7 historic districts to explore. The Henry Ford also offers Ford Rouge Factory tours where you immerse yourself in modern manufacturing and progressive concepts, there's a large than life giant screen experience with entertaining and enlightening stories of America's past, present and future and more, a must visit. They also have unique venues and expert event planners for your wedding, awards banquet, corporate celebration, or the unveiling of the next big thing.

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