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    Q) How to get rid of Arvind Kejriwal? A) Tell him that Modi is fighting election from Bermuda's triangle.

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    49ers select West Coast Turf's Bandera Bermuda as the playing field grass for its new stadium. Grass is said to hold green color longer.

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    On the window of a U of C residence. BSD=Bermuda Shorts Day, the celebration for the last day of school #yyc http://t.co/6uXGUVyjhz

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    6,400 acres of certified organic farms = 10 sq. miles. That’s about half the size of Bermuda (try not to get lost!) http://t.co/eVeSwv1IGU

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    Corporations pretend to be patriotic while hundreds of large American companies use fake Bermuda addresses to avoid taxes.

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  • Evil Enas

    Um like that Bermuda triangle interesting yet dangerous

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  • Amanda

    Literally nothing can ruin my mood because tomorrow I leave for Bermuda with my favorite boy and my best friends. #thankful

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    The happy couple :) http://t.co/yxzb2dxzqW

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    RT @reynolds_selena: M25 gridlocked, oh well on the plane to Bermuda when get to the end of this lot ✈️🌞🍹 @17_sparky @SophieMay_1234 http:/…

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    RT @SophieMay_1234: As if I'm on the way Bermuda🙅😁 @reynolds_selena @JessBogic @charlotte_bogic

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  • J. Sutton-Hibbert

    @bakerpictures Hey mate, in Turks & Caicos, heading to The Bahamas, then next is Belize, Bermuda.. It ain't all glamour as you know!

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    The Go Social Bermuda Daily is out! http://t.co/9jcijUa6AB Stories via @BDASun

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    #Bermuda ISLAND Dale Butler demonstrates how to make his famous codfish cakes to local primary school students.... http://t.co/D01tPY2Jur

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  • Jamie Williams

    @NationalCarGolf would like to invite you to the 2014 Grand Slam of Golf in Bermuda. Earn your chance to win @ http://t.co/1QOXfveprc

    Today, 12:21

  • sophie..may

    As if I'm on the way Bermuda🙅😁 @reynolds_selena @JessBogic @charlotte_bogic

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  • Jessica Bogic

    RT @reynolds_selena: M25 gridlocked, oh well on the plane to Bermuda when get to the end of this lot ✈️🌞🍹 @17_sparky @SophieMay_1234 http:/…

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  • nathan jones

    Play Bermuda Jack for free. The challenging puzzle game. Comments and suggestions are welcome. http://t.co/vsCpebwMGF

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    BELCO Bird To Advise Kite Fliers On Safe Spots: The BELCO Bird will be touring some of Bermuda’s safe kite fly... http://t.co/9GnpXUNURl

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  • sophie..may

    RT @reynolds_selena: M25 gridlocked, oh well on the plane to Bermuda when get to the end of this lot ✈️🌞🍹 @17_sparky @SophieMay_1234 http:/…

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  • black anthem made bermuda denim jeans vans high socks and penny hahahaha gay http://t.co/N3TRIXoMCN

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    M25 gridlocked, oh well on the plane to Bermuda when get to the end of this lot ✈️🌞🍹 @17_sparky @SophieMay_1234 http://t.co/s0MUVA2qNI

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  • Donuts

    Come and Join us tonight at our Sister night FRIDAYS!!!!! BANK HOLIDAY SPECIAL!!!! At Bermuda Triangle!!!! http://t.co/2dIwWqdoyO

    Today, 12:08

  • Lega Elsadany

    havent found a good Cox yet and their slogan is Standing Strong for Bermudians Stay firm Bermuda ROFL these guys did not Dea

    Today, 12:07