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Welcome to Harley and Company, Textiles, Peterhead, Scotland. In the North-east of Scotland, we have always lived with the wind in the wild blue sky. In 1929, the traditional knitting of the north-east villages gave Peter Harley the inspiration for this company.

For centuries, fisher-folk from Shetland to Fife had produced knitwear which provided two things - comfort and warmth. By creating a business which was able to produce high quality garments while still echoing the practical traits of the fisherman's traditional rugged knits, Peter Harley laid the foundations for the unique Nor' easterly collection. This respect for tradition has ensured that our current range occupies a highly prestigious niche among the world's finest knitwear. Today, our Nor' easterly brand appeals to discerning buyers who appreciate it's elegant blend of style and comfort. However, not everything remains the same. Over the last two decades, our success has been largely due to the adoption of an extremely pro-active approach to exporting. By increasing our global marketing effort, we have successfully developed numerous new international markets for our designer knitwear. It is this combination of traditional patterns with advanced marketing skills which we believe will keep Harley and Company, Peterhead at the forefront of the quality knitwear market. Indeed, we imagine that the natural colours and textures of the North-east of Scotland will continue to entrance fashion buyers for many, many more years to come.

While every Nor'easterly design remains true to the exacting standards of another time, our real success lies in blending traditional techniques with highly sophisticated technology to achieve the perfect balance between the old and the new. Reacting to trends in international fashion has been critical to our success. By working closely with our customers, using their local knowledge, we create new designs for new markets.

Using advanced CAD/CAM equipment we then translate these new designs into exclusive garments. We set extremely high standards, taking pride in our attention to detail and our ability to respond promptly to all our customer's requests. At Harley and Company, we are totally committed to developing new opportunities for ourselves and our customers. While our designs of Textiles continue to take their inspiration from the past, we are focused solely on further success in the future.

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