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Flippo's in Sunrise, Florida, USA offers fun playgrounds, safe indoor play and inventive games with modern, engaging and unique activities, join them for family fun and let your kids choose their own favourites. Attractions include an indoor playground, a laser maze, a toddler area, a ball blaster and a sports courts, and it's the perfect way to learn while playing and socializing, they also make a great venue for the best birthday parties ever. Flippo's also feature group events and classes, mommy and me classes, painting away classes and have weekly specials, and a year round calendar or activities and classes, specials, events and holiday promotions, they also support charitable organizations for fundraising events, it's all here and more for extreme fun for the little one's.

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3868 N University Dr,
Sunrise Bay
United States
+1 844-354-7767
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Children Kids
Indoor Playground
Laser Maze
Toddler Area
Ball Blaster
Sports Courts
Birthday Parties
Group Events

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