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Introducing the Elephant Bar Restaurant in Burbank, California in the United States. We'll take you on a taste safari through exotic destinations to find ?elephant size? portions of fresh culinary delights. Elephant Bar Restaurant will help you escape the ?concrete jungle? and seek out the culinary pleasures of Asia, the Tropics and sensational regional favorites. Our own Executive Chef and Partner, Reinhard Dorfhuber, has created an extraordinary menu, where each dish is prepared just for you. Where we pride ourselves on serving only U.S.D.A. Choice beef, fresh fish, fresh 100% ground beef, hand-breaded chicken tenders and shrimp, marinades and sauces made from scratch, fresh hand-cut vegetables prepared to order and garden fresh salads. Where every bite will take you away from the ordinary to our world, the world of the Elephant Bar Restaurant in Burbank, California.
We've got a dining experience that comes charging into your life like a bull elephant. Everything's different here, and perhaps a little strange at first. But adventuring is like that. You'll get used to the great people, the fresh food, the worldwide selection, the hunt for the new and unusual to tempt your palate, and the thrill of a wonderfully new taste sensation. Come along with us and share the dining adventure.
Part of the adventure of dining is the extra taste you get from dishes that are made from scratch, just for you. How we do it is a calculated blend of culinary skills. And no matter how, you are the winner. Your dining adventure is just waiting for your arrival.
We understand that when you are on a dining adventure you want the freshest fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry and fish available. Our recipes and purchasing procedures are designed to ensure you always get the freshest and the best.
At the Elephant Bar Restaurant, we think you should take your dining adventures seriously. At the same time, we want you to have fun and still respect your life style choices, which may include low carb, low fat or vegetarian menu selections. This is why Chef Reinhard has created great tasting items that will fit your dining choices. Also please remember that our chefs will do whatever they can to make adjustments to our entrees to make your selection to your liking.
Our people want to make your dining adventure an unforgettably exciting and wonderful event. We want you to enjoy every aspect of the exotic & tasty fare gathered from here and far. We always have a ?Yes We Can? attitude. All of our servers are empowered to solve problems ?on the spot.?

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