Diving Center s.a.s. in Salerno, Salerno, Italy | Diving

Locations is just few metres from the port of Marina di Camerota the important seaport and turist center in to National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano (Campania). The centre started in 1993 by the work of professional divers is today a national reference point in the world of scuba Diving. Short distance from the Diving boat making the trasportation of the equipment very confortable with apecar.
Free and escorted dives for novices and experienced divers
Cave dives
Night dives
Discovery program
Dive school training to all level held by qualified
Intructor Dives and accomodation personalized package
Boat escursion to Porto Infreschi
Capo Palinuro Full day with boat Boat escursion for blue week to Eolie island Blue week (hotel or village + Diving package)

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Lungomare Trieste 29 - Marina di Camerota
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