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When one speaks of Scheveningen concerning bathing resorts De Pier is not lacking. The Pier is, as it happens, already largely a century long attraction for Scheveningen.
If you already haven't been to The Pier, then you must come soon. You will be amazed when you see how beautiful The Pier has become after the vast modernisation activities. Also we have got a completely new terrace at our restaurant. The Pier offers an unique view on both the North sea and the Scheveningse boulevard. Furthermore The Pier presently has two stages, namely: a covered part where you can walk and shop and terrace where you can live it up both in the summer and in the winter. Of course the watchtower with visibility on both has tidied up Scheveningen and The Hague also. Furthermore you will find Van der Valk restaurant De Pier, the new ` Pier casino.
The Family Fun Centre Schateiland the play paradise that for years has established on the right island of the Pier. Van der Valk restaurant De Pier offers a lot of special menus and sociable brunches this year.

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