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Welcome to Craigard Restaurant, Campbeltown, Scotland. At Craigard Restaurant, Head Chef Joanne Baird's brand of cooking and menu design relies on fresh local produce and seafood, with a final touch of magic in the painstaking preparation and presentation.

The A la Carte menu changes regularly to take account of seasonal vagaries. In addition to this main menu, a 'Specials' list is usually available – depending on what delicacies the local fishermen have left at our door in the early morning! This close contact with local suppliers means a steady stream of high quality fresh fish, shellfish and game, as well as distinctive products from the local smokehouse and dairy. 'A Taste of Kintyre' produce is regularly to be seen on our menus.

A hearty breakfast is also of major importance to many people, and Craigard Restaurant, Campbeltown aims to satisfy all dietary requirements.

Where required, we are delighted to produce a special event menu – to meet dietary needs, or those of the pocket. Please contact us to discuss.

To enhance your food, a good wine is important. So our wine selection keeps expanding - as we constantly find new choices to offer our guests. With such a wide variety, there will surely be something to please you. Click below to view the current Wine List. If you prefer other beverages, we also have a fine range of beers, Malt Whisky and spirits.

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