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  • Collegefession™

    "I did 8 marijuanas today. Don't tell my mom." - Portland State University

    Today, 05:20

  • ben goldacre

    Haha Portland are draining their 38 million gallon water reservoir because one kid did one wee in it RT @powercrazed:

    Yesterday, 17:37

  • ☯ Dylan Amazin ☯

    I don't know why i'm laughing 😂

    Apr 19th, 20:49

  • Houston Rockets

    Houston last met Portland in the 2008-09 playoffs. Houston won 4-2, the franchise's last playoff series victory

    Yesterday, 22:00

  • ☯ Dylan Amazin ☯

    When someone keeps staring at you

    Yesterday, 01:33

  • Kenny Smith

    This is toughest series. .. Houston/Portland

    Today, 03:55

  • Houston Rockets

    Houston has 0 players remaining from the 2008-09 playoff series against the Blazers while Portland still has 2 - Aldridge & Batum.

    Yesterday, 22:01

  • Houston Rockets

    Timeout Portland as Houston starts the Q3 on a 12-3 run building a 61-51 lead. 3 Rockets in double figures: Parsons 19, Harden 12 & Jones 10

    Today, 05:19

  • Political Line

    BREAKING: Portland Police are responding to a possible pipe bomb at OHSU. Access to certain areas of the hospital are blocked.

    Yesterday, 20:52

  • Houston Rockets

    Portland responds with a run of their own to tie the game at 46 as the 1st half winds down.

    Today, 04:46

  • Slate

    Here's how long that teen would have to pee in the Portland reservoir to make it unsafe to drink:

    Yesterday, 17:51

  • William Gibson

    Portland reservoir pee problem proves homeopathy? #paradoxicalpowerofextremedilution

    Yesterday, 17:10

  • io9

    Just How Stupid is Portland for Dumping 38-Million Gallons of Water?

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    Portland haven't won yet this year and RSL fans won't let them forget it (via @gothamistdan)

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    Saturday's upsets present possibilities but Portland knows they must win on their own READ ||

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    Lol portland to weak

    Today, 06:01

  • Prince of Zamunda

    If Lillard hurt Portland done

    Today, 06:01

  • Dëjå Vū⚡️

    RT @Junie_Bo: All of Portland's hearts just dropped....

    Today, 06:01

  • Halen Sanders

    RT @JVierra4: Y'all check out this promo video for an event I'm doin May 16-18 in Portland/Corpus Christi, Texas! ...

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  • April 23rd

    RT @Urkel_5: This Houston & Portland game is the only thing keeping me up

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  • Global Adventuress

    Serene retreat @Alderbrook_ #HoodCanal #Seattle #Portland #PNW #Travel

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    So apparently, if Houston defeats Portland, they'll face the winner of the San Antonio and Dallas series.

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  • Adam Coleman

    RT @2_Trill_Bill: @CyFairSports haha for real. He's the guy you watch and just say "Man I'm glad he plays for us". Whole city of Portland g…

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  • Danny Mata

    Damian Lillard is not coming out. Good news for Portland. #Blazers

    Today, 06:01

  • Patrine Barbosa

    “@WestCoastPics: Portland, Oregon”😍😍😍😍

    Today, 06:01

  • Jonathan Garland

    RT @collegefession: "I did 8 marijuanas today. Don't tell my mom." - Portland State University

    Today, 06:01

  • Gabe Sarter

    I don't like Portland. But I hope lillard isn't hurt bad

    Today, 06:01

  • Jammin' Jimmy Olson

    Come on #Rockets Check out the Trail Blazers @ Rockets on Yahoo Sports

    Today, 06:01


    RT @FLEECEBOONDOCKS: if Damian Lillard hurt it's a wrap for Portland

    Today, 06:01

  • James

    RT @Wells_P: A Knee injury to a young Portland AS Point Guard.. Sounds sad and familar.

    Today, 06:01

  • Lilly's Wiglet

    RT @adonsports: Great AP story on former Weber State star Damian Lillard: He looks to first postseason with Portland

    Today, 06:01

  • Richichi Hokuto

    Portland needs to come out blazing abd get their offensive rebounding back on task.

    Today, 06:01

  • Mo Nuwwarah

    @HPbasketball Good. Get this Portland team off the court as soon as possible. They can't catch a round ball bouncing off the rim.

    Today, 06:01

  • Meme

    Portland's worst nightmare. Hope Lillard is alright.

    Today, 06:01

  • Beezy

    RT @zekNcashe: nigga patrick beverly playing mind games with portland.

    Today, 06:01