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Established over 60 years ago, as Israelâ??s first Hebrew-language repertory theatre, The Cameri has been dubbed the â??theatre of social responsibility.â? Identified with the nationâ??s conscience and mood, throughout the years its plays have exposed the thoughts, hopes, fears, anxieties, and conflicts, of the diverse strata, which make up the mosaic of Israeli society.
The New Cameri Theatre Arts Centre
The recently opened premises of the New Cameri Theatre of Tel Aviv--the largest theatre centre in Israel--are situated in the Performing Arts Complex, in the heart of Tel Aviv. It abuts the New Israeli Opera, and is adjacent to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and Beit Ariellaâ??Tel Avivâ??s central library. The extraordinary 11,000 square-meter Centre, funded by Mifal Hapayis, Israelâ??s National Lottery, and the Municipality of Tel Aviv, comprises diverse elements and spaces. These include three theatre halls--a 950-seat Auditorium, a 450-seat Hall, and a 200-seat â??black boxâ?; a Cafe-Teatron, situated in a multi-purpose foyer, to be used for theatrical and literary cabarets; rehearsal halls; dressing rooms; workshops and storage facilities; and administrative offices. The Centreâ??s inaugural celebrations, running from autumn 2002 to winter 2003, will feature, among others, leading Israeli and international theatre groups.

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