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Calaveras Repertory Theatre in Milpitas, Santa Clara County, United States | Theatre

The Calaveras Repertory Theatre, the only professional Theatre company in Milpitas, California, United States, produces classics, such as Shakespeare. The Theatre also offers a wide array of educational opportunities for the community.

This marks the ninth season we've celebrated the power of language and the poetry of everyday life through actor-driven, main stage productions of Shakespeare and other popular classics.

In addition to being the only professional Theatre in Milpitas, California, we also bring Theatre to thousands of students through our educational outreach programs.

Calaveras Repertory Theatre offers two performance assemblies: Page to Stage and Shakespeare!. These highly active and humorous assemblies run 45 minutes and are performed by two professional actors. These tours, which reach over 20,000 students a year, are designed to instil an appreciation of good literature.

Page-to-Stage takes scenes from classic children's stories such as Charlotte's Web, Where the Wild Things Are, Tom Sawyer, The Twits and Just So Stories and brings them to life on stage with a lot of humor and fun for the audience.

In Shakespeare!, the Bard's theater comes alive in a series of scenes chosen for their action and humor. Each scene teaches students about a different aspect of Shakespeare plays.

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