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Cabo Flyboard in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, Mexico offers Flyboarding adventures and it's the coolest thing to do when visiting the area, it's a great new water sport and experienced instructors while teach you how to fly like ironman and dive like a dolphin. The specialize in a personalized experience and also offer private lessons for your group and they can accommodate single flyers, rentals are fun, safe and a wonderful experience. Cabo Flyboard offers rental flyboards which are a Watersports device powered by a personal watercraft allowing for underwater propulsion, and users are connected to the board by wakeboard boots under which water pressure provides a thrust enabling users to fly, they say flyboarding encompasses jetskiing, skiing, snowboarding and acrobatic dives, come for the ultimate adrenaline rush.

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Cabo San Lucas
Cabo San Lucas
Baja California Sur
(011) 52 624 143.0146
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Underwater Propulsion
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