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Burgers of Marlow, United Kingdom is situated near the famous bridge over the river Thames in Marlow. This family run business consists of a traditional Tea Room, Shop and Bakery. The Bakery makes English and Continental breads, cakes and pastries and the shop sells some of the finest handmade Swiss-style chocolates to be found in England.

Philippe and Bernard take pride in offering a personal service at Burgers of Marlow and selecting the best ingredients for their range of "home-made" products.

The Tea Room is open throughout the day, serving breakfast, morning coffee, lunch, afternoon tea and refreshments. All the products made on the premises can be sampled. Choose from delicious scones, tea-cakes and more than five flavours of tea.

A Burgers of Marlow,why not choose your cake or gateau from the counter in the shop, and, in true Continental fashion, read a newspaper or journal from the selection provided.

Individually-made truffles and chocolates (no truffles between June and September) are available loose, in boxes or in special presentation and seasonal packs. The range includes ganache, violet creams and mouth-watering rum, "champagne", coffee and orange truffles.

Other products include soft fudge, fondants and jellies.  The shop sells chocolates, cakes and pastries, cream cakes and gateaux, as well as a range of English and Continental breads.

Sandwiches and take-away snacks are available for lunch and a range of superb ice-cream in summer.

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