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The Bellevue San Lorenzo in Malcesine, Italy has atmosphere, the quietness, the fragrances, the charming elegance of this terrace at the Hotel overlooking the lake have remained untouched; the rooms viewing the emerald waters, the beach and the sailing sports; the artful beauty of its inside and outside; modern sculptors in the munificent park grazing the waves.

Bellevue San Lorenzo, Malcesine, Italy has Olive, cypress and magnolia trees; the laurel praised by the poet and the myrtle: the sweet fragrance of the Garda Lake appreciated by Lawrence and Goethe. Here was created the villa at the end of the 19th century, a perfect and rare witness of the rafined taste of the Belle-Epoque and of the well-mannered atmosphere created and lived by refined tourist coming from all over the Alps.

The refined and yet modern management renews its welcome, the Venetian touch of the Bizantine threefold windows, the delightful hammered iron of its windows, the frescoes, like the Saint after whom the Hotel has been called.The view from Bellevue San Lorenzo, Malcesine, Italy the landscape of the Hotel and the climate; the myths of the site and the very particular light make it a sweet summer refuge, during the unique and tender seasons of the Garda Lake.

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37018 Malcesine (Vr),Italia
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