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Treatments at Beleza Treatments in Burbank, California in the United States are tailored for your precise needs and goals. Specific techniques are used in conjunction with concentrated solutions to maximize a particular result. For desired results, a series of six (7-10 days apart) is necessary and recommended. Extractions may be added to any treatment for an additional charge.
For acne treatment Beleza Treatments uses a very specific treatment for excessively oily skin or acne concerns. Salicylic acid is the key ingredient used in this treatment. Salicylic acid comes from wintergreen leaves and the willow bark tree. By nature Salicylic reduces oil, is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. High Frequency commonly known as "zapping"is used for fighting bacteria. A purifying mask will be chosen for your trouble areas.
Glycolic Treatments are a derivative of sugar cane, the glycolic acid softens, refines and improves skin's texture. This resurfacing agent has been used for decades and is responsible for improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Glycolic minimizes pores, smoothes scars, evens out discoloration and aids in prevention of the formation of blemishes.
Lightening treatments at Beleza Treatments in Burbank, California contains a lactic acid, derived from sour milk which will exfoliate, soften and hydrate the skin. Lactic acid is used for it's lightening capabilities. Natural holistic ingredients are used to lighten unwanted dark spots, freckles and age spots. This treatment will lighten and brighten uneven skin.

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