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The Legend The second year of the current millenium â?? the time when many ancient traditions have already parished in oblivion â?? The great Beer God lift his almighty finger and pointed at the fifth house on Dunkry Street. â??Beer have to live!â? And in this house, selected by God´s finger, we established Beer House, which became the venue for the revival of the long-forgotten beer culture. Every true host brews his own beer, which he then offers to the venerable guests for quenching the thirst and pleasuring the soul. And let it be so in the Beer House! Forever end ever! Cheers!
The Restaurant-brewery Beer House in its current view was opened in July 2002. The Beer House is situated in the historical part of town â?? in heart of the medieval Old Town and is the only brewery in Estonia, which makes â??living beerâ?. Our living beer is unposteurized and non-filtered, without any conservants and made by unique Austrian technologies. The brewery uses top-quality machines produced by world known brewing-equipment builder - â??Salmâ? company. The Beer House is decorated in style of Austrian beer Restaurants. The original planing of the area perfectly suits to different sorts of furniture woods, hammer-work elements and old-time red bricks. The first floor of the Restaurant seats up to 300 persons and on summer two terraces are opened. Additionally there is a VIP hall for 60 persons. It is possible to spend time with friends at the comfortable massive wooden tables or have a business lunch. You can also rent a sauna in the Beer House, one of them holds 20 persons. On the weekends You can enjoy live music and Estonian national dancers.
Welcome to Beer House, where friendly personnel and qualified service waits for You! Here You and Your friends will lose the perception of time!

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