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Au Marche in Lawrence, Kansas in the United States, is proud to stock European food and bath-and-beauty items that are not easily found in most American grocery stores. We cater to people who are looking for a taste of their homeland, or for a sentimental reminder of a favorite trip abroad. We are sure you'll find many of your favorite foods and gifts at Au Marche, amidst our vast selection of Continental delights, no matter where you are from.
Welcome. My name is Lora Wiley and I am the Managing Owner of Au Marche in Lawrence, Kansas. My business partners and I opened our doors in 1998. The inspiration for Au Marche came from my study abroad experience while a student at the University of Kansas. I studied in Besançon, France for a year and had the good fortune of being able to travel throughout Europe. One afternoon, while visiting a friend in Aix-en-Provence, I discovered a shop selling American foods such as Oreos, Dr. Pepper and Snapple! It gave me an idea, and like they say? "The rest is history!"
We are known for our exceptional customer service and we look forward to helping you soon.
Right now we are a mostly woman-run company. For those of you who only know Au Marche as a web business, you most likely talk and correspond with Amelia. The rest of us work in the store every day and may have taken your calls. We look forward to meeting you on your next (or first!) visit to Au Marche in Lawrence, Kansas.

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