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Agricola Le Fontanelle Farm wine – growers and their property are located in a splendid position overlooking the northern shore of Lake Garda, Riva Del Garda, Italy. if you take the road from the village of varone up towards lake tenno and climb as far as the area surrounding tenno castle, you will come across the ten hectares of terraced vineyards belonging to cesare and rita pasini.

Agricola Le Fontanelle Farm has a long history of viniculture is borne out by its former nickname, “pilone”, which refers to the wooden pole used in the past to press the newly – picked grapes during the harvest. Many things pass but the best remain. In the recent years, after much labor, new terraces have been created and given over entirely to vine growing, while the winery’s production plants have been modernised from these vineyards still nurtured with traditional loving care cesare and rita produce their range of d.o.c. wines their chardonnay, pinot grigio, cabernet, merlot, schiava, teroldego and marzemino have received numerous awards, with 240 years of unbroken family dedication the gold medal from the chamber of commerce of trent.

If you happen to be Riva Del Garda, Italy and decide to stop off by Lake Tenno above the Varone cascades in the vicinity of lovely Lake Garda, then why not drop by to Agricola Le Fontanelle,Farm and enjoy their traditional hospitality and taste their special wines? Rest assured you will be welcome and very gratified in the extraordinary Agricola Le Fontanelle Riva Del Garda, Italy.

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