5 useful tips before visiting Phuket

Wed, Nov 2nd 2016, 12:18

Thailand is probably the most popular destination in Asia among westerns. It's worldwide famous for its good prices on accommodation, food and leisure. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the most popular spot in Thailand: Phuket.

Phuket is a beautiful offshore island of Thailand famous for its affordable prices on accommodation and restaurants, but overall for its stunning beauty: beaches with clear waters surrounded by a lush vegetation. Thailand offers unique touristic spots and welcomes a large number of tourists throughout the whole year... Are you willing to discover this exotic destination? If so, take note of these 5 useful tips before visiting Phuket. 

1. Avoid Rainy season.

From September to October, or better known as "Monsoon season" is not a good time for visiting the island for the following reasons: 1. There are major flooding during those days. 2. Most Islands shut down their boats services due to the stormy weather. It is not a good season to visiting Phuket, however if you want to take advantage of the cheap prices...  

2. Book the right accommodation.

Thailand receive each year millions of visitors and Phuket is not an exception. The island has more tourists along its streets than locals.... It is true that you will find a large offer for accommodation but you must be cautious on this. Try to read some reviews prior to your reservation, sometimes pictures are totally different from what actually it is: "Any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence"... Try to book your accommodation in Phuket from those hotels with higher options and value. 

3. Dig deeper if you want to try real Thai food.

Thailand is famous for its cuisine, but for some reason in Phuket you will find more international cuisine than Thai Food. Normally if you leave the typical touristy area you will find better prices as well as authentic food. Try Pad Thai and Green Curry soup, both are delicious options. 

4. Never Book activities in advance. 

Yes, that may sound weird but in Phuket you will find better prices than getting your tours on advance. In Phuket you will find a large offer for sight-seeing, water activities and boat rides with better prices than any other place. This is probably the best advice ever in order to save loads of money. 

5. Avoid "Tourist Traps in Phuket"

There are many tourists’ scams and rip-offs in Phuket, the best way to avoid them... asking at your hotel if they have some reference of some enterprises... I have read on the net that some jetski agencies ask you kindly to pay for damages to the jet-ski, once you have return it... might sound logical but in order to prevent these scams take a look carefully before hiring something, tell them that it's already damage etc... Try to let them know that you won't fall in traps. Avoid "Gentlemen clubs"... Even if the shows sound really interesting: the "ping-pong show", "the chopstick show" and the "fire show" avoids them... these shows are made for drained your wallet as fast as they can... They offer you "free shows" in exchange for drinks... but the drinks are unaffordable... seriously don't fall on this. 


Written By Fatima

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